How to properly repair speaker surround with silicone

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The best in class options

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 Use the best techniques on time

The complete details about professional yet reasonable prices of services for repairing speaker foam in recent times grasp the attention of almost every car owner who gets much difficulty with the poor speaker foam and its related problems. The following details give you an overview about how to successfully repair your subwoofer rubber surround.

You have to properly appraise the level of damage and get the scaffolding materials based on the severity of the cut at first. The next step is to cover up the tear with RTV silicone and enhance the functionality of the subwoofer. You can unscrew the screws and prop up an edge of the subwoofer by using the screwdriver and flat pry tool.

This is advisable to make sure that you get enough grips on the edge by sliding your fingers underneath the subwoofer. You have to lift your subwoofer out of the enclosed part and wipe grime, grease or dirt away by using the lint-free cloth. If you have done these things, then you can do the following things.

  • Inspect the tear and clean it with cloth and put on any leading brand of latex or nitrile gloves
  • Place a dab of RTV silicone on the disposable plate
  • Cut the cotton swab’s end and transform it into the RTV applicator
  • Dip the swab into the RTV silicone and apply it underside of the tear of the subwoofer
  • Put a dab of RTV silicone onto the gloved finger
  • Spread the RTV silicone across the torn subwoofer’s front
  • Push down a few times in the center of the subwoofer
  • Test the excursion of the subwoofer and make certain about no light bleeds through it
  • Ensure about a proper connection of sub wires

 It is the correct time to replace speaker surround and improve the overall entertainment from the beginning to end of the travel. You will be amazed with the most modern features in sound systems and encouraged to upgrade your speakers further. You can make contact with an expert in the subwoofer surround repair services at any time you seek an easy way to enhance the sound system.