• Demodulation par satelilite
 de la Formule1 en NS3


  •               Transmission simultanee par
                            Satellite et par fibre

  •                            Plus de 70 stades 
              interconnectes en Fibre

  •                   Teleport &
                        Broadcast facilities



Media Broadcast Center

  • Hosting and housing hardware  equipment
  • Fibre noire point à point
  • high capacity storage
  • Archiving
  • Backup services
  • Disaster recovery
  • SAAS Solutions


Uplink & Downling Satellite

  • Teleport and satellite services
  • Uplink and downlink facilities
  • Satellite coverage
  • 3G/4G coverage
  • Satellite redundancy
  • Satellite redundancy


Content management and distribution

  • Content management facilities
  • Global content distribution
  • Coding and transcoding audio and video content
  • Command and control activities
  • High speed distribution throughout our fiber links network AVNIX
  • Monitoring platform with a complete view on fiberlinks, servers, radio and TV streams


Global fiber network

  • More than 70 French stadiums in fiber connection
  • Metropolitan secure black fiber network
  • Data and/or SDI, SD/HD optical and electrical signals
  • Integrated fiber network hub with over 50 POPs
  • AVNIX , private broadcast fiber network exchange
  • Designing efficient data center & Teleport

    Ad Valem data & Broadcast Center in Switzerland is designed to use as little energy as possible

    We drive down the cost and environmental impact of running our data centers by designing and building our own facilities. We install smart temperature controls, use “free-cooling” techniques like using outside air or manage airflow, and redesign how power is distributed to reduce unnecessary energy loss
    "Free cooling" is removing heat from a data center without using a large air-conditioner, or chiller.
    This is done by using the natural environment to cool the equipment, such as cold outside air, water evaporation or thermal reservoirs. We take advantage of local conditions and use free cooling at all of our data centers. Avoiding the need for mechanical chillers is the largest opportunity for energy and cost savings.
  • satellite earth station


    Ad Valem Teleport recently completed installing a 3.8m Ku antenna and RF path to support service on uplink and downlink.  Customers have been requesting this service option and we are pleased to announce that our equipment has been tested and is now fully operational.” 
    Ad Valem Teleport operates in Switzerland, Marseille and Paris 42 antennas ranging in size from 1.8 to 4,8 meter with frequency bands of C, Ku, Ka, S and L band